Back in Bangkok

So Michael and I had a brief discussion quite awhile ago in which we determined that I would probably end up doing most of the writing here, which is what I like doing, and he would post most of the pictures, which is what he prefers to do. Unfortunately we are having trouble with my computer. Photos are in the queue to be posted when we get something worked out.

But anyway. Thailand seemed like a small-ish country until I had to travel through it by bus. Let’s just say it’s a long ride.We are in back in Bangkok now, staying, as you might expect, in an area populated mainly by backpackers and the locals who run the businesses that cater to tourists. Our accommodations are basic but comfortable, in a guesthouse called N. Y.B. Guesthouse. We have asked what N. Y. B. stands for, and nobody knows. Not even the staff.

Tonight at about 4 a.m. I will be missing the wedding of my dear friend Jessie and my other dear friend Eddie. I cried and cried when I had to make the choice between being there for their wedding and coming to do the TEFL class we took. I wanted to come back to the US for the wedding, but it was just not feasible, money-wise and logistically. Okay, not going to let myself think about it anymore because I actually will cry again. Congratulations, Eddie and Jessie! I truly wish I could be there wearing the bridesmaid dress I bought.


2 thoughts on “Back in Bangkok

  1. Hi! I passed on your blog url to granddaddy and copied and pasted from it into an email. He’s been asking about you. — Aunt Ginny


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